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Sahl Hasheesh is a bay on the red sea coast of Egypt.  It is almost 18 kilometers south of Hurghada International Airport.  Sahl Hashhesh is surrounded by the beautiful mountains on the west and by the clear waters on the east.  It is considered relatively new touristic destination in Egypt known for the luxuries resorts and the excellent service.


Sports and Nature

Sahl Hasheesh is famous for water activities and sports such as; diving and snorkeling due to the stunning coral reefs found in the area.

The weather in Sahl Hasheesh is mostly hot and dry at summer and moderate at winter. It is considered one of the best attractions for honeymooners due to the quite surroundings, fancy resorts, professional spa treatments, and magnificent underwater scenes!



Along with the luxuries resorts and hotels, a night program is made inside to entertain the visitors.  Performances including dancing, singing and playing piano are famous in Sahl Hasheesh.  Be sure that you will always want to come back for relaxation in Sahl Hasheesh!

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