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What’s Remal el Rayan ?

“Remal” is the word for “sand” in the Arabic language.
Without the sand, there will be no forests.

Remal el Rayan is created out of love and respect for the desert environment and its
We hope to bring you here and share with you the blissfulness of being in the desert.
We believe there should be different options for different types of adventurers out there,
and that’s how Remal el Rayan was born.

Remal el Rayan Glamp is the first of its kind in Egypt and it introduces you to a luxurious
experience in the heart of the desert.
You are invited to stay overnight or you might as well just enjoy the day, but we promise
you will do it in style.
The camp features glamourous types of accommodation, like geodomes and innovating
architectural tent structures; a perfect mix of ultimate comfort within the vastness of the
We offer very well-appointed tents, that individually have two private showers and one
private jacuzzi. We took glamping to the next level.
Sleeping under the stars has a new meaning at Remal el Rayan.

Remal el Rayan Glamp is situated in Wadi El Rayan, a unique nature protectorate in
Fayum Governorate, Egypt.
We have chosen to glamp here, for its outstanding universal value on the map of world
history and history of evolution of Planet Earth (Whady el Hitan – most important in the
world site of its kind “Valley of the Whales” UNESCO), for its traditions evolving
around handcrafting (eg. pottery), for its easy accessibility from the capital city of Cairo

(1h 40 min/car), for its scenic desert landscape and increased interest from local and
international tourism.